Academia de Música de Espinho

Academia de Música de Espinho


The Auditório de Espinho | Academia (AdE), which opened in 2006, belongs to Academia de Música de Espinho (AME), a non-profit association that was founded in 1960 to teach music and divulge culture and art. Ever since its opening, the AdE has been pursuing a distinct and inclusive artistic project through its diverse, autonomous and independent programming, and also through the synergies that come from a close interaction between artistic teaching and cultural programming.    The AdE provides the main stage for the Espinho International Music Festival, as well as for the Espinho Classical Orchestra and the Espinho Jazz Orchestra.

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Contemporary circus, Dance, Music, Puppets, Theatre

ITINERANTENREDO – Associação Teatro

“Galaicofolia – Castro S. Lourenço 2017” – Sandra Cunha


ITINERANTENREDO – Associação Teatro


Itinerantenredo is a theatre association that was founded on 27 March 2015.

Its main focus is on the production and staging of theatre shows, as well as the creation and production of New Circus street festivals.

One of Itinerantenredo’s lines of action consists in the creation and staging of original texts on proposed subjects, and of shows presented in unconventional locations.

The association’s portfolio also includes the production and presentation of community theatre productions, as well as plays for children and teens.

Contemporary circus, Theatre