Teatro Pé de Vento

Ventolão, Teatro Pé de Vento


Pé de Vento began its work as a professional theatre company in Porto, in February 1978. In February of that same year, having received its first regular annual subsidy, it began its long career, largely dedicated to audiences consisting of children and young people. Since its foundation, the company’s artistic direction has been handled by a group consisting of stage director João Luiz, dramaturgist Maria João Reynaud and writer Manuel António Pina, whose work has been featured in many of the Pé de Vento’s shows until the present day.

In October 1996, the company opened to the public Teatro da Vilarinha, a 106-seat venue equipped with a catwalk and other necessary technical implements.

Pé de Vento became a Public Utility in 2013. In 2003, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the company was awarded the Porto City Council’s Medal of Merit – Silver Degree.

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