Teatro do Bairro

Teatro do Bairro



In the very heart of Bairro Alto, at 63, Luz Soriano Street, Teatro do Bairro occupies the space that for decades housed the rotary press of newspaper Diário Popular, right next door to the National Conservatory’s Music School. Located in a historically privileged hotspot of artistic experiences, it acts as a platform for various contemporary performing arts, with a diversified programming that invites the circulation of different artists and audiences. Besides its own productions, it also hosts outside shows, in the areas of theatre, music, film and dance. This interdisciplinary programming, which includes several in-house creations, allows for a number of welcome exchanges and cross-pollinations, whereby all participants are enriched. Teatro do Bairro is a place where citizens come into contact with the various arts and their creators.

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Dance, Music, Puppets, Theatre