Teatro Art’Imagem


Pedro Carvalho, Flávio Hamilton e Daniela Pêgo, As Veias Abertas da Humanidade, Teatro Art’Imagem



Founded in 1981, Teatro Art’Imagem has a body of work spanning more than 37 years, including over a hundred productions and the annual hosting of two International Theatre Festivals. The company’s headquarters are in Porto, where part of its documentation centre and archives can be found. Since 2008, thanks to an agreement with the Maia City Council, its creation and production unit, which includes an auditorium, an exhibition room, a library and an office, has been located at Quinta da Caverneira, in Águas Santas. Teatro Art’Imagem’s mission develops across six main fronts: Creation, Quinta da Caverneira Programming, Festivals, National/International Touring and Audience Education via Theatre Workshops and Community Events.

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