OPART – Organismo de Produção Artística

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

OPART – Organismo de Produção Artística, E.P.E.

OPART’s aim is providing public service in the areas of classical music and dance, through Teatro Nacional de São Carlos (TNSC) and Companhia Nacional de Bailado (CNB). The TNSC opened its doors in 1793 and remains today the only Portuguese theatre dedicated to the production and presentation of opera and choral/symphonic music shows. Its resident musical groups are Coro do TNSC (1943) and Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa (1993). As for CNB (1977), based at Teatro Camões, it presents important works from the international repertoire, from classical evergreens to pieces by choreographers like Balanchine, De Keersmaeker, Forsythe, Joos, Kylián, Limon, Van Manen or Spöerli. Concurrently, CNB has, for the past forty years, created a very personal identity for itself by making several commissions, largely from Portuguese authors like Armando Jorge, Fernando Duarte, Olga Roriz, Rui Lopes Graça or Vasco Wellenkamp.

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