Nome Próprio

A Ballet Story, Nome Próprio, photograph Susana Neves


Founded in the year 2000, Nome Próprio produces contemporary dance and theatre shows. Choreographer and stage director Victor Hugo Pontes – its founder and artistic director – often works on the border area between different artistic languages, making eclectic use of such forms as classical or experimental music, visual arts or literature. Some of his productions are Manual de Instruções, A Ballet Story (2012’s Best Dance Show, according to the Público and Expresso newspapers), ZooCoppiaSe Alguma Vez Precisares da Minha Vida, Vem e Toma-aNocturno and Margem. Over the years, a Nome Próprio has developed projects, shown in Portugal and abroad, in collaboration with various institutions, such as: TNSJ, Teatro Municipal do Porto, CCVF, Gulbenkian, CCB, Teatro Maria Matos, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Festival Panorama (Brazil), Festival de Dance de Cannes, Théâtre de Liège and Festival Paris l’Été, among others.

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