Napalm (companhia de teatro dança em conjunto ou alternadamente)

Napalm, photograph Sónia Granja Barbosa

NAPALM (Companhia de Teatro Dança em Conjunto ou Alternadamente)
NAPALM_ctdca arose from the desire to create an artistic structure that would facilitate a consistent, continuous exploration of the performing arts. We are, intuitively and creatively, a company that works on Theatre and Dance within the context of contemporary art, looking for the future without renouncing the past. Our work is not to be passively enjoyed: our audience must be constantly alert. In our shows, the poetics of the text is diluted through a variety of dramaturgic treatments. Cross-pollination with other contemporary forms enhances the multidisciplinary approach of the company, marked by constant research. We wish to assert ourselves through our way of looking at the world, showing it through our eyes to all who wish to look through them.

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Dance, Theatre