Erva Daninha

Vasco Gomes, Enxada, Erva Daninha, photograph Susana Neves


Companhia Erva Daninha appeared in 2006; its work is focused on the search for new ways to create and perform circus numbers, attempting to turn virtuosity into a means for the communication of ideas. The company’s main concern is artistic creation. Its repertoire includes several shows for the stage, public spaces and alternative venues. Besides this, Erva Daninha’s work also includes training and programming in the area of Contemporary Circus (Festival TRENGO). Since 2015, it is a resident company at Teatro Campo Alegre, as a part of the Teatro em Campo Aberto initiative (Teatro Municipal do Porto / Porto City Council). Companhia Erva Daninha has the continued support of República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes.

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