Ensemble – sociedade de actores

Jorge Pinto e Emília Silvestre, O Cerejal, Ensemble, photograph João Tuna


Established in 1996 by actors Emília Silvestre and Jorge Pinto, ENSEMBLE is an artistic
creation, experimentation and training project. Over the years, it has presented shows
based on the work of classic writers such as Molière, Shakespeare, Chekhov or Ibsen, and
contemporaries like Brian Friel, Samuel Beckett, Arnold Wesker, Tom Kempinski or Jean
Cocteau, as well as commissioned and staged original texts by modern Portuguese
playwrights Luísa Costa Gomes, Jacinto Lucas Pires, Mickael de Oliveira and Ricardo
Alves, in productions that involved scores of actors, dancers and musicians, stage
directors and choreographers, light, sound, video, set and costume designers from all over
the country. The exacting quality standards of this unique artistic project are reflected on
their ambitious, and often daring, creations, which have always been welcomed
enthusiastically by the public.

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