Causas Comuns

Estelle Valente


Causas Comuns

Causas Comuns is a production structure that, in accordance with its mission, is largely focused on the creation and presentation of stage productions.

Founded in 2004, it adopted its present name [Common Causes] in 2011, because it better conveys its mobile character as a structure in which a number of regular associates endeavour to assemble a “dream team” for each project.

Its artistic and technical teams combine professionals of recognised standing with emerging creators, with a view to promote continuous training and a “cross-pollination” between different generations, thus ensuring innovation, coherence and quality for its various undertakings.

In partnership with other institutions, Causas Comuns keeps audiences in regular contact with classical and contemporary drama, promotes good practices of physical, social and economic accessibility, and touring productions as a means to diversify and decentralise cultural events.

Besides Portugal, its productions have been shown in Finland, Chile and Mexico.

Causas Comuns shares with Teatro do Eléctrico a work studio at Espaço da Penha – an open house for the Portuguese and international artistic community.

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