Astro Fingido

ASTRO FINGIDO – associação cultural

ASTRO FINGIDO, led by Ângela Marques and Fernando Moreira, works on three fronts: theatrical creation – focusing on circulation, Portuguese dramaturgy and the formation of audiences; educational service – aimed at the full development of students through Visual Arts, Dramatic Expression, Music and Philosophy for Children (P4C); community cultural project – involving the community of Lordelo-Paredes. In ten years, Astro Fingido created, among other productions: O Grito dos Pavões and A Torre dos Alcoforados (Romanesque Route), Mulheres- Móveis and A Rua Esquecida (Rede Artéria); it also runs a P4C workshop (Filosofário – Oficina do Pensar Crítico e Criativo) for the Porto Municipality, and manages Amateur Theatre for the Paredes Municipality.

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