ASTA – Associação de Teatro e Outras Artes

Aureo Gomez – “ Um Clássico”


Associação de Teatro e Outras Artes

A creation and programming structure founded in 2000. ASTA’s work focuses on five areas: Creations; Touring; Festivals; Educational Service and Research Projects. Its identity rests upon a transdisciplinary theatre-based culture. In our productions, we strive to define new methods and languages, either by reinventing stage classics or by creating out of an empty space. Besides the shows directed by the ASTA team, we also collaborate with a number of creators, such as Vera Mantero, Miguel Pereira, Filipa Francisco, José Carlos Garcia, A. Abernú and Marco Ferreira (Portugal); Lorena Briscoe and Cecilia Gómez (Argentina); Harvey Grossman (USA); Ruth Mandel (Belgium); ReveRso (Germany) or Pati Domech (Spain).


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Cruzamentos disciplinares, Theatre