Ao Cabo Teatro

Ao Cabo Teatro, photograph José Caldeira


AO CABO TEATRO – associação cultural

Ao cabo Teatro (AcT) is a production company for the performing arts. In 2001, AcT began a close collaboration with stage director/actor Nuno Cardoso which continues into the present day and has resulted in such productions as Sarah Kane’s Cleansed (2002), Mayenburg’s Parasites (2003), Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie (2009), Checkhov’s The Seagull (2010) and Three Sisters (2011), Dürrenmatt’s The Visit (2013), Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Lars Nóren’s Demons (2014), Molière’s The Misanthrope (2016), Gorky’s Summerfolk (2017) and Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens (2018). AcT examines the classical and contemporary repertoires in search of poetic materials to feed a concept of the theatre as a machine for the interpretation of the present, and has assembled a coherent team to support its creative approach.

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