AMEC | Metropolitana

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AMEC | Metropolitana


AMEC | Metropolitana is a non-profit cultural institution that was founded in 1992, with the objective of divulging and teaching classical music. It manages an orchestra – Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa – and three schools – Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra (higher education), Conservatório de Música da Metropolitana (basic and secondary education) and Escola Profissional Metropolitana (integrated education).

Having as its founders the Lisbon City Council, the Secretariat of State for Culture, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security, the Secretariat of State for Tourism and the Secretariat of State for Sports and Youth, AMEC | Metropolitana also comprises a  large number of Patrons, Sponsors and Regional Promoters or Partners, who all come together in this innovative project.

AMEC | Metropolitana stands out through the way it combines the musical work of its orchestra with the teaching of music, from Preschool to MA degrees. With 28 years of operation under its belt, AMEC | Metropolitana is currently a solid institution and a key reference in the fields of Portuguese culture and artistic education. It has trained several orchestra directors and instrumentalists, who today work in the foremost musical organisations in Portugal and abroad.

AMEC | Metropolitana is a unique and innovative project within the Portuguese and international contexts, with an encompassing approach to the domains of music teaching and musical culture.

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