For over 25 years, Alkantara has been promoting and developing projects in the performing arts field; this Lisbon-based collective plays a crucial role in the creation of an international community that does not accept any sort of physical, artistic or disciplinary boundaries.
Alkantara Festival is a biennial event that began in 2008. It brings to Lisbon a programme of shows, talks, concerts and celebrations that contributes towards reflection on the relationship between artistic practices and the issues of contemporary society. All year round, Alkantara organises a number of artistic residencies, international meetings and public presentations in Espaço Alkantara.
In 2016, Alkantara began producing Sete Anos Sete Peças, a project by choreographer Cláudia Dias that will continue until 2022. It consists of three different parts: the yearly production of a play, a publishing program and a school-oriented training project.

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Dance, Performance, Theatre