A OFICINA – Centro de Artes e Mesteres de Guimarães

Retábulos, Teatro Oficina, photograph Paulo Pacheco

A OFICINA – Centro de Artes e Mesteres Tradicionais de Guimarães

A Oficina is a Public Interest Cooperative whose majority shareholder is the Guimarães City Council; nevertheless, its team and management/programming services are fully independent. It manages and programs Centro Cultural Vila Flor (music, performing arts and new circus, art gallery), Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães (contemporary art and José de Guimarães collection), Casa da Memória de Guimarães (territorial interpretive centre, heritage and crafts), Centro de Criação de Candoso (artistic residencies), Espaço Oficina (theatre workshops, Theatre Degree laboratories of Universidade do Minho and creation), Teatro Oficina (theatre company) and a Cultural Education and Mediation servisse (which runs through the whole programme and includes two artistic education school projects).

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Circus, Dance, Music, Performance, Puppets, Theatre