Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém

Centro Cultural de Belém, photograph Hugo Santos Silva



The Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), an architectural project by Vittorio Gregotti (Italy) and Manuel Salgado (Portugal), is run by a Foundation dedicated to the promotion of culture, particularly Portuguese culture, in its many artistic manifestations.

Located in the western part of Lisbon, by the river Tagus, the CCB was inaugurated in 1993, after hosting the European Union Presidency.

The CCB consists of various buildings, separated by streets, squares and bridges; the whole is a living space in which people work, stroll around and enjoy the creative capabilities of the greatest artists of all time.

In this space, where contemporary forms of expression are highlighted, visitors are offered shows of music and singing, dance and theatre, art exhibitions and a multiplicity of activities dedicated to various audiences and ages.

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Circus, Dance, Music, Performance, Puppets, Theatre