PERFORMART - Associação para as Artes Performativas em Portugal

PERFORMART – Associação para as Artes Performativas em Portugal

In October 2016, Performart – Associação para as Artes Performativas em Portugal was founded. The association’s main objectives are: to divulge the manifold forms of cultural and artistic expression in the field of performing arts; to bring its members into contact with other associations, both in Portugal and abroad; to take joint stances regarding matters that are relevant to the field of performing arts and its professionals; to create networks that will allow the sharing of knowledge in various areas.

PERFORMART intends to bring together various collective, public or private entities that work, in permanence or irregularly, to create and/or present and/or produce performing arts content in Portugal.

PERFORMART has the following statutory objectives: Social Purpose and Mission

The Association’s social purpose and mission is:

– To promote the multiple kinds of cultural and artistic manifestations in general and the activities of its Associates in particular, both in Portugal and abroad, in the various strands of the sector;

– To organise initiatives that will ensure the recognition and healthy, sustainable development of the performing arts sector and its professionals on a variety of levels;

– To share information, ideas and experiences that may be of interest to its members and to all professionals of the performing arts;

– To structure collaborative networks connecting its Associates;

– To make joint decisions concerning subjects relevant to the sector and its professionals;

– To represent the interests of its members before institutions in Portugal and abroad. Article 4th


1. In order to fulfil the mission described in article 3, the Association intends to, namely:

a) Create spaces for analysis and reflection, by organising and promoting Working Groups, Seminars, scientific studies or any other activities the Associates may deem appropriate to its mission;

b) Work to achieve consensus among the Associates regarding stances that may lead to the development of policies and regulations for the performing arts sector;

c)  Assemble and make easily available all information that appears relevant to the common goals of its Associates, namely concerning programs that support the development of projects;

d) Delineate means to transfer knowledge to its Associates, in order to increase the quality and excellency of the sector’s professionals and their work;

e) Promote partnerships that will allow the Associates advantageous conditions for the purchase of goods and services;

f) Divulge the cultural and artistic work of its Associates;

g) Promote the touring of shows by its Associates in Portugal and abroad.



VICE-CHAIR: EGEAC – Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, E.P.E.
1st MEMBER: Centro de Artes do Espetáculo de Viseu – Associação Cultural e Pedagógica
2nd MEMBER: Pé de Cabra, Lda
3rd MEMBER: Associação dos Amigos de Arte Inclusiva – Dançando com a Diferença
1st DEPUTY: Teatro do Bolhão, Centro de Formação e Produção, CRL.
2nd DEPUTY:     Círculo de Cultura Teatral / Teatro Experimental do Porto

GENERAL ASSEMBLY GENERAL ASSEMBLYCHAIR: EGEAC – Empresa de Gestão de Equipamentos e Animação Cultural, E.M.
VICE-CHAIR: A Oficina – Centro de Artes e Mesteres tradicionais de Guimarães, CIPRL
SECRETARY: Companhia de Teatro Erva Daninha
1st DEPUTY: Teatro da Garagem, cooperativa de responsabilidade, limitada CRL
2nd DEPUTY: Alkantara Associação Cultural

MEMBER: OPART – Organismo de Produção Artística, E.P.E
MEMBER: Associação Meridional de Cultura
1st DEPUTY: AMEC | Metropolitana
2nd DEPUTY: Fundação Casa da Música